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English Language Arts 30-2 (ELA3104)(ENG0302) 

Course Overview

Throughout this course, as a student, you will develop literary, persuasive, and personal writing skills. You will apply your analytical understanding of literature to expand your reading comprehension abilities. This diploma course allows you to consider texts from many vantage points. You will complete close readings of essays, short stories, poetry, visual images, and a novel. You will study a sample of Canadian literature. You will construct your own meanings and develop thoughtful understanding in this course, culminating in the English Language Arts 30-2 diploma or equivalency exam.

Pre-requisite:   C- (60%) in English Language Arts 20-2 (ELA2104) or equivalent

Passing Grade:  50%

Time for Completion: 6 months from start date

Units:   1: Essay as Literature
            2: Short Story
            3: Poetry
            4: Functional Writing and Reading
            5: Visual Reflection
            6: Novel Study
            7. Diploma/Equivalency Prep

Books and Materials: 

1. Tigers Of The Snow, Nelson (ISBN: 0176330439)
2. The Act Of Writing, 8th, McGraw Hill (ISBN: 0071051805)
3. Jurassic Park*, Balentine Books (ISBN: 0345370775)
4. The Key 2012, Learning Resources Centre